Latest news on Ignition Interlock Devices


Compliance-based Monitoring for DUI Offenders

The “compliance-based monitoring” provision has states extending ignition interlock time for violations rather than canceling driving privileges. At the start of this year, almost half of the states had this provision on their books, but this year, 17 pieces of legislation include this in their language. It may be the most understated, but important change to ignition interlock laws ever.

The concept is very simple: if an offender continues to drink and drive by blowing positive samples, then public safety demands that they be required to continue with their car breathalyzer device for a longer period of time—until they prove that they have been clean for an extended period of time and deserve to be reinstated.

Under the old system, a violation meant that the offender’s permit was canceled, the ignition interlock was removed and they were prohibited from driving. This system is said to have encouraged offenders to drive illegally with no ignition interlock at all to prevent them from driving drunk.