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Gang Cases

Since 1991, California has used a street gang allegation enhancement to allow the courts to sentence a person to additional time for committing a crime for the benefit of, at the direction of, and/or in associating with a criminal street gang. What is a street gang and who are members are defined in the code sections. The focus has been on African-American and Hispanic gangs, and law enforcement is allowed to use many tactics and procedures to create and present evidence at trial to support the enhancement. If you are involved in a case involving a street gang allegation, you will need counsel experienced in litigation these issues.

KJS A Professional Law Corporation has been defending the gang enhancement for years. Keith Staten has motions and briefs used in trial to soften the impact of this law and force the prosecution to fight in order to present this evidence. Talk to him about the issues presented and let him explain the law and how it’s applied.


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