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The laws in these areas have evolved over the years to the point where charges of this nature will carry long term penalties and lifetime registration requirements. If charged or even accused of these crimes the most important thing you can do is remain silent to law enforcement but more importantly, BEWARE OF THE PRETEXT PHONE CALL. This phone call will come to you from an alleged victim and will be directed by law enforcement to get you to say something about an event that may not be criminal. This call is recommended by detectives who tell the alleged victims what to say over the phone with you and are designed to collect statements about actions you have not yet been charged with. If you are ever confronted with such a call you should immediately get off the phone and realize from that moment on, someone has brought a complaint about your behavior around them that they feel was criminal. This call is a setup, which is perfectly legal, and at trial your statement will be evidence used against you.

Mr. Staten has performed numerous trials and can tell you a pretext call was always used. This call and the recordings obtained operated to hurt our case at trial. You must not fall for this trick!! Mr. Staten has had much success in these cases. Ask about People v Robertson, People v Shepard, and People v Nelson.

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