“I would like to thank Keith, Tina, and the team at the law office for the way they made me feel, like a part of the family, and the way they took care of my needs. Not just in the courtroom; they even came to visit me and took my collect phone calls. Because of the great way they handled my case, I’m not doing eleven years; I’m now at home with my family. I now call Keith and the team from home and they still take the time to help me as a friend. I know I can call them my friends and family. Thank You.” –Danny C., client

“I received tons of flyers and ads in the mail, but when I asked other attorneys who they would recommend for DUI defense, four attorneys told me one name: Keith Staten.” — C.H., client

“Mr. Staten was very professional and well informed about the law, rules and regulations applying to my DMV matter. I work in the legal field, but had never directly experienced being on the “receiving end” of the power of the State until a medical issue resulted in DMV taking action against my driving privilege. Mr. Staten’s dedication to my case not only gave me great peace of mind, but also resulted in a favorable disposition. Of course, no attorney can guarantee what an outcome will be in a given case; but, based both on my personal experience as a client and my observations of Mr. Staten’s other work, I can state that he is dedicated to his clients and to achieving the best possible result for each of them.”–K.B., client

“Mr. Staten, I wanted to thank you for allowing me to take care of your clients and their bail bonds needs. You are very professional and diligent and a great attorney to work with on cases. All of your clients have nothing but good things to say about your ability to defend them and I have seen that first hand in the courtroom…Keep up the great work, Keith.” –Roger Adair, Roger Adair Bail Bonds

“Keith Staten is the Top Dog when it comes to DMV hearings for DUI license suspensions.”–F.P., DUI attorney

“Keith is one of the best attorneys out there.” –J.M., Public Defender

“Because of [Keith], my parents were able to fulfill their dream of retiring and buying a house in their hometown in Mexico… My family is so grateful.”–S.D., clients’ daughter

“On October 17, 2009 [Keith Staten], Dustin Johnson, and Mark Slaughter presented a ‘Know Your Rights’ seminar in Modesto. The presentation you gave was excellent. We learned a great deal, and plan to follow your suggestions. The material you distributed [Know Your Rights Handbook] will be most helpful, and I look forward to sharing it with others in the community…There is a definite need among the citizens of our community to become better informed on this topic. Your seminar provided an excellent forum for us to ask questions and voice opinions. Thank you again for such an informative and pleasant afternoon.”–Wendy Byrd, President of NAACP Modesto


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