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  • Bail Issues

    Once you are arrested it is likely you may be released to appear in court. If not, a bail amount may be set. If so, you should contact a bailbond company to get released. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO REMAIN SILENT ABOUT ALL ASPECTS OF YOUR ARREST AND THE FACTS IN YOUR CASE WHEN IN CUSTODY. No matter who you turn to, you do not have to accept the service so shopping for the best rate is recommended. A reasonable rate is 8% of the entire bail amount. Sometimes the bailbond companies may suggest you sign up with counsel they recommend. You do not have to do this and when selecting any attorney be sure to ask the tough questions. Remember, when you pay for services you should have all your questions answered. If you cannot bail out right away, wait to speak to your lawyer about making a motion to reduce bail at a court date. Be patient during this process and continue to remain silent.

    We take great care to recommend bailbond companies that will work with you during this hard time; never be afraid to ask us about any aspect of your case.