Expungement and Post Conviction Relief

Everyone has done something they wish they didn’t do. It is really a part of the human experience. Mr. Staten understands that. Getting your criminal record expunged, sealed, obtaining a certificate of rehabilitation and restoring your gun rights are steps you may be able to take to put that past behind you. Let Keith J. Staten guide you on that way. The first step towards cleaning up your criminal record is addressing and expunging your past.

After you have suffered a conviction as a felony or a misdemeanor, you can seek relief, which can change the status of the conviction and allow you relief from a conviction. There are many things you can do such as modifying the terms of probation, seek early termination of probation, expungement of the record of conviction, reducing a felony to a misdemeanor, seeking a finding of factual innocence, and applying for a certificate of rehabilitation or pardon. Your record and circumstance would need to be reviewed to determine what relief is available for you. Call for a consultation to discuss your needs and form a plan of relief to get what you need.


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