Why You Need A Lawyer

Protecting Your Rights


Why You Need A Lawyer

Whether you hire one or get the public defender, you should have an attorney review your reports and give you advice as to the allegations against you, or the licensing consequences from a DUI or DMV action.

Although you may feel you are responsible for the charges alleged, there may be issues to bring up as defenses or mitigation in court that may result in a lesser charge or dismissal of the case.

The prosecutor must show the officer had a reason to contact you. This reason should be articulated in the reports as these are cases that require specific information to be communicated. Counsel can review the reports to determine if they sufficiently describe the conduct that led to you being arrested.

In DUI situations, you must submit to a breath or blood test when properly admonished under the Vehicle Code. If the officers do not give you the choice of tests required by VC section 23612, the test results may be invalid and inadmissible against you. An attorney can determine whether an expert witness should be called to help in your defense.

These are just a few of the things counsel can look for to defend your case. Every case is different and officers and public employees do make mistakes, so it is vital to have counsel of some sort give you advice as to the strength of your case. Keith J. Staten can provide you superior representation and protect your rights at all levels to get you through any problem you have.

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