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In these cases, the focus is on your prior record and what kind of convictions you have suffered in your past. Your counsel must know the law in this area and how it applies to your present case. After California passed the Three Strikes Law, many changes have occurred. Now judges can remove strikes from consideration at sentencing, but more offenses can now be charged as strikes. The key thing to remember is that with one prior on your record, you can face mandatory prison with the current sentence time doubled. If you have two prior convictions or more, you can face a minimum of 25 years to life for each current charge.

­In November of 2012, California citizens finally listened to advocates in the defense community and changed the Three Strikes Law to require the 3rd strike to be a serious or violent felony as defined by the law. This is a major change in the effect of the law but serious consequences may still affect you even if the present offense is not a serious or violent felony.

Because of the damage a conviction under the Three Strikes Law can cause, you should seek out competent counsel in this area. Ask the questions and do your homework. Keith Staten has had many years of experience in this area since the law was passed; he understands you need counsel experienced with these cases to prevail successfully. Ask us about People v. Allen and People v. Basped.

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