Recent Victories

Wondering what the Law Office of Keith J. Staten & Associates has been up to lately? As always, we have been diligently working to get our clients the best resolutions possible. In the last few months we have had several successful DMV hearing wins, as well as criminal case dismissals and settlements. Do you have a DMV or criminal issue? Consult with our office to see how we can also help you achieve the best resolution possible.


People v. Joseph

Mr. Joseph was facing attempted murder charges when he was connected to KJS & Associates. After extensive interviews with witnesses were presented to the D.A., the murder charge was dismissed and Mr. Joseph plead to possession of a gun. Instead of serving 25 to life, Mr. Joseph will only serve 4 years in prison.

People v. Martinez

Mr. Martinez was charged with possession of heroin. Mr. Staten filed a 1538.5 motion, arguing that the stop and search of Mr. Martinez was illegal, and was successful in getting the case dismissed.

Awara v. DMV

Ms. Awara came to Keith Staten & Associates when DMV suspended her license for an alleged fraud investigation. At the hearing, Keith was able to set the timeline of events straight, and the hearing officer set aside the action the same day.

DMV v. Burnett

Mr. Burnett was pulled over for weaving within a lane, and had a B.A.C. of 0.09%. Mr. Staten called a toxicology expert to testify at the APS hearing, and was successful in having the action against his license set aside.

DMV v. Decaire

Mr. Decaire came to the Law office of Keith J. Staten & Associates when DMV suspended his license due to a medical issue. After presenting a medical evaluation from his doctor clearing him of any medical issues, DMV set aside the action against his license.